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“Una volta che abbiate conosciuto il volo, camminerete sulla terra guardando il cielo, perché là siete stati e là desidererete tornare.”


[Leonardo Da Vinci]

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“Business Intelligence is not a technology but a strategy to improve profitability and customer satisfaction.”

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Excelle sets up its business in 2012 as a technologic startup. In 4 years it became a solid enterprise involved in advanced– made in Italy – services focused on knowledge management. Its team consists of data scientists and consultants experienced in consumer behavior in order to integrate business intelligence and the understanding of market dynamics. We also work well with consulting company and market research institutes, adopting the same philosophy: helping the enterprise system figuring out the most effective way to use the available knowledge in order to make better decisions.

Business Intelligence, together with Digital activities and Big Data, is becoming part of the huge market of research and of information for companies and institutions.

Excelle is associated with Assirm and keeps its promise, renewed day by day with its clients, minding compliance with ethics and quality standards connoting the companies registered to the association.

The team

Excelle clients can rely on our team that stands out thanks to a strong multidisciplinary expertises making a growing core of “Data Scientists” available to them. Excelle senior data scientists have gained experience in business and consulting companies facilitating excelle services integration inside client companies. The scientific team is supported by a senior consultants team with management, commercial, marketing and market research skills in order to achieve the most effective comprehension of the insights extracted from business models.

DAVIDE CAMERA  Founder & Senior Partner

Degree in Economics and degree in Social Sciences, courses attended to MIT Boston. Davide begins its career in Mediolanum as BI analyst, then in Eurizon as Responsible of the units Marketing Strategic and Customer Care. In April 2012 he founds excelle, becoming CEO and, in September 2015, Senior Partner and member of its Board of directors as supervisor of the entire technical-scientific area.

MATTEO LUCCHI_ Senior Partner

After many entrepreneurial activities, he joins Eurisko as Sales Manager increasing its responsibility over the years: Commercial Director first, then chief operating officer, board member of some of the most important professional association and managing director of some International companies.

In September 2015 he becomes Senior Partner at Excelle, member of its Board of directors and responsible for the operative activities and for the business development.


Degree in Politic Science, scholarship in Social Science Data Analysis by Summer School of Essex University. He joins Eurisko increasing its responsibility over the years: Market Researcher, Partner, HR director, chief operating officer, member of the Board of directors and managing director.

He simultaneously manages an entrepreneurial activity, launching, with other partners, little and innovative companies acting in sectors close to the market research: “Risposta Customer Care“ (contact centre), “Dogma Consulting” (think tank in marketing and research).

He becomes Senior Partner at excelle and responsible for the related advisory activities in September 2015.

Stefano Merighi – Head of Data Scientists

Degree in Statistics and Economics  Sciences. Stefano begins its career in Mondadori Direct as Analyst, then in Eurizon. In 2008 he joins Vodafone Italia as Senior Marketing Analyst. Six years later he joins i4c-Accenture as Analytics Manager. In March 2015 he became Head of Data Scientists in excelle.


What do we do


Our 6 golden rules for a tailored business intelligence

prima regola business

An adaptable and useful Business Intelligence tailored for all companies. Excelle’s services are addressed to both private and public company (from multinational to small and medium enterprises), but also to market research institutes and other consulting companies.

seconda regola business

From prèt-a-porter to tailor-made offers. Excelle proposes “ready to use” and specific solutions to meet the main demands of the company, even for specific and short term needs.

terza regola business

From the construction of basic information flows to the most advanced predictive modeling including semantic analysis on what customers say and supporting of corporate CRM enrichment with external or internal customer’s information.

quarta regola business

A team of data scientists with BI experiences gained in the best Italian companies and a selected junior team. A senior advisors and managers team with multinational experiences in marketing, sales and market researches.

quinta regola business

The possibility of pay per use for SAS most advanced solutions, which makes BI accessible to all and enables to evaluate future investments (platforms, resources, etc.) after having verified the real benefit to the enterprise.

sesta regola business

The Excelle approach has always focused on understanding which activities can produce an immediate value. It also provides support in the implementation of the results, thanks to the skills of the team.

Our main clients

The business services we perform


  • Forecast Models of S/M/L period
  • Basic reporting on sales and new acquisitions
  • Identifying “fraud behaviors”



Customer life cycle identification in line with the development of:

  • Basic Trigger (ex. inactivity Indicators)
  • Up/Cross-selling
  • Models on Churn/inactivity/ share of wallet risk
  • Behavioral segmentation (Market/ Data driven)
  • BTP model
  • Definition of Trigger / complex models through analytical and managerial solutions like “contextual / Real Time Marketing” on Big Data platforms



  • Definition of CB Contact strategies
  • Definition and Fine Tuning of customer management through methodological approaches in order to evaluate performance in different levels:
    • Each marketing campaign (test vs. ctrl)
    • Macro segments
    • Channels
    • Customer base (eg. unique control group)
  • Consistency analysis between the definition of the customer life cycle and type / consistency of multi-channel contacts


  • BTP Prediction Model (BTP) to forecast the risk assessment of new business proposals
  • Basket Analysis


  • Cross Channel Analytics to monitor and assess the Customer Journey and therefore the effectiveness of the cannel


  • Balanced scorecards to check the company strengths in interaction with external phenomena


  • Pre / Post analysis or Test Vs. Ctrl for profitability analysis
  • Price elasticity models (price / demand relationship)

Our products

Excelle is a Partner of SAS. A guarantee for its customers.


The advantage to facilitate the definition and the implementation of the best solutions.


The opportunity for our clients to test the best SAS analytical solutions before investing on the internal structures.


The opportunity to drive investments in technology step by step according to the needs and the internal abilities.


Have a chance to define in cloud solutions on the basis of our client's necessities.

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